Friday, September 26, 2008

Odyssey Week 2

We now head into the critical portions of the Odyssey. Get the revised planner to stay up to date.
First, Books 9 and 10 study questions are due on Tuesday. I have added a modern English version of the Odyssey for those of you who are slower readers or want to read the story in more depth. The online reading chapters Books 9 and 10 are not required, as all the questions can be read from the text. These have been e-mailed to you or can be found via Snapgrades.
The full Book 11 is required, again this can be found via Snapgrades.
I have also sent out a template for typing assignments to help students with the problems of margins and using bullets or numbers. In addition, version 1 of the "'Grin Rubric" has been completed, so that students (and parents) have a better idea how I grade and how points "disappear" from assignments.
Book 13-24 study questions are also now available!
Tuesday 9.30: Book 9 and 10
Wednesday 10.1 Book 11 (the critical essentials handout will be distributed Monday and is needed to complete the Book 11 study questions)
Thursday 10.2 Book 12 (will be provided Tuesday)
Friday 10.3: Literary Terms Test (first page of the handout)