Monday, September 22, 2008

The Odyssey kicks into full gear

After turning in the summaries on Tuesday (Books I-IV, which not be available online), we shift our direction to Books V-VIII, where we will be going full force into the reading of The Odyssey.
We will read Books V-VIII (study questions available here) in class Wednesday (pp. 890-899), which is actually a fairly quick read.
In case students do not finish, there is a summary of these readings which were provided last week to you, but again these will not be available online. Please check to make sure you have the summaries and if you do not let me know ASAP, as I also do not have a digital version of these to e-mail you.
Books 9 and 10 study questions are available. See planner for due date.
DO NOT FORGET ACT/SAT vocabulary test #3, which is on Friday
Literary Terms Test (first page of handout) is Friday, October 3rd
Literary Terms Test (both pages of handout) is Thursday, October 9th