Monday, February 18, 2008

Animal Farm Unit Begins

I hope the break was good for you. However, in true Grin fashion, we're right back at it.
We start Tuesday with a mini-research project to fulfill the state standard in researching, one that is critical since all of you are college bound.
That mini-project is due on Thursday, February 21st, although students with a "A" or "B" can receive an extension if they notify me by Wednesday morning.
One link I will give you is to the Animal Farm movie page, but the rest (read the directions) must be done by you!
The first two chapters will be due by Friday, February 22nd. You will need to do a dialectical journal on them, but it must be on any quotes that reflect the following themes: education as a weapon, propaganda, or Orwell's warning concerning communism.
The planner for this week is also now available!