Thursday, February 21, 2008

Animal Farm Chapter 1-5 (revised)

"Serious sport is war minus the shooting" - George Orwell
Animal Farm has now begun!
You are responsible for dialectical journals for this novel, at least four per chapter unless otherwise specified.
For potential enhanced credit (+5 above normal score), use any research from the Orwell site in your dialectical journals and/or comment on them during class!
There will also be some close readings and other assignments.
Monday, February 25th: Chapter 2 (same as Friday) Also, get the new planner
Tuesday, February 26th: Chapter 3 (reading only)
Thursday, February 27th-28th: Chapter 3 and 4 dialectical journals (focus on symbolism and connections to Communism)
Friday, February 29th: Chapter 5 dialectical journal: Theme: The role of technology in society; elements of satire in this chapter