Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to Doth Grin Honors 9 Blog

Welcome to Gilbert High School and also this blog/web site, the critical link between you and Mr. Tyler this year.
Some key things to this page:
1) You will need to have an active e-mail account, preferably Yahoo, Cox, or Gmail (Please do not use AOL for this site if at all possible). You need to e-mail me as soon as possible so you can be eligible for e-mails from me and also eligible to use the blogging capabilities of this site later this year.
2) Please note the Assignment Advisor section of this page.
3) Look over some of the posts on this page from last year, so you have a flavor of what the class will be about. Be careful, however, in attempting to use assignment handouts, as several will be changed this year.
4) Bookmark this site and check it daily, especially if you are absent.
5) Items will be posted according to unit, assignment, or situation, as evidenced in the archive material on this page.