Monday, April 14, 2008

Poetry Unit Week 2

The unit kicks into high gear this week, so keep up with the site and your planner!
Monday, April 14th: Ms. Kemp returns with an expository essay based on the poem "The Road Not Taken". The essay will be on "The effects of tone on communication in daily life". Students who have questions can e-mail Ms. Kemp at

Tuesday, April 15th: TP-CASTT practice on a poem from the text book.

Wednesday, April 16th: Expository essay due (Ms. Kemp assignment); Poetry MC practice quiz (in-class); TP-CASTT assignment due 4.17 (students may use a poem from the book or a song)

Thursday, April 17th: Poetry Focus Project begins; students will also be doing an immediate assignment "Lyric Poetry vs. Narrative Poetry", which will be due on Monday, April 21st