Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Animal Farm Movie vs. Book

Please comment (respectfully, cleanly, etc) on the comparisons and contrasts between the book and the movie.
Especially discuss the use of television and also the ending of the movie.
You have from now until around 7:30, 8 pm tomorrow to either discuss comments here or during class discussion time on Thursday.

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Stephanie said...

Using the TV helped to emphasize how much the pigs used propaganda to control the animals (and keep them preoccupied, so they can't think as much). Well, the ending was... interesting. I, personally, thought that it was funny when Jessie's like "I can't tell the difference between them", because they hadn't changed physically at all- they hadn't even walked on their hind legs yet. And, none of the animals ever saw them walk on their hind legs, either, since they didn't finish watching the show that was being put on for them. I thought the ending was too hopeful. It didn't match the rest of the movie.  The movie did do a pretty good job with the things Squealer said and the way I think he would have said them, though.